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Thinking of something different to do for your child’s next birthday or family event?

Dodgem Dodgeball, a mobile dodgeball arena will bring the fun to you. All you need is a 28’x48′ area available.

Both children and adults love to play. All levels of play are encouraged and it’s managed during the games in a unique way so it’s fun and safe for all.  Owner Bob Bacon said, “For mixed levels we have the older kids and adults throw and catch with their non dominant hand and playing on their knees with the really little kids that want to play as well.”  

Mobile Dodgeball specializes in birthday parties, school functions, churches, colleges, block parties, corporate functions, festivals, leagues and tournaments. It is a very unique business that uses light weight foam balls with a soft coating that eliminates the chance of injury along with a flexible arena.

According to Bacon, “It has been a great thing to do with my family, teaching work values, communications, and ethics to my boys while they also earn some extra money.” He works with together with the family enjoying the communication during these events, developing their relationship further – “Something I will cherish forever.” The boys have a lot of fun coordinating the games and even playing at times when the other kids want them to play. The arenas take approximately 15-20 minutes to set up either outdoors and indoors. Either way, it creates a fun atmosphere to play the popular game without the risks that are normally associated with it. This game can be played on grass, in a gym, large room, or even on concrete. Mobile Dodgeball will take care of the setup, including equipment and referee, who will keep things moving. The system features continuous play so people can drop out and jump in as they like.   At pay-for-play events, a participant can play as much as they like, with prices ranging from $10 to $50 such as festivals and fundraising events. Events typically run $200 to $300 depending on the length of the event, number of arenas, and the season.

Dodgem Dodgeball hosts a program called Dodge Bullying within the schools, where anti-bullying lessons are taught as well as discussing sportsmanship and invites the children to play dodgeball in a new way. For information call 240-6690 or visit

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