By Tamas Mondovics

Senior residents who struggle with or have difficulty using their cell phone, iPad, laptop, or other devices got a chance to brush up on their skills last month, thanks to a handful of tech savvy students at Randall Middle School.

As part of the school’s annual Martin Luther King Jr. Service Day, local seniors were invited to visit the school and participate in a technology tutoring session appropriately named, Technology for the Young-at-Heart.

Under the supervision of Randall technology teacher Tanya Delgado, the young students—all members of the school’s Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)—patiently took turns helping the handful of seniors that responded to the invitation.

“We had a nice group of residents that responded,” Delgado said emphasizing the success of the project, adding, “Our students did a great job demonstrating basic mobile and social media techniques.”

Upon hearing of the event, Valrico resident Stella Mann wasted no time to make plans to attend and said she was glad she did. “This was very productive and I am glad I came today,” Mann said. “The kids were very helpful and I learned a lot including how to use my thumbprint to turn my phone on and how to send emails.”

Mann’s positive reaction was a much welcomed response as the students, including Andrew Caceres, was happy to share his expertise. “The best part was to see their reaction when they saw how much their phones and other devices can do; especially how to use social media.”

Fellow student 13-year-old Natalie Santiago agreed and said, “This was a great experience. I am glad I was able to support the community.”

The session was just one of a number of community support events school officials scheduled for throughout the day.

The school also hosted a Heart Health Awareness Fair which allowed sixth grade P.E. students to share the Hands On CPR method and valuable information about heart health with the community.

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