By Debora Coty

While in Scotland, we were privileged to visit a working sheep farm and witness trained Border Collies at work herding sheep at the shepherd’s bidding. We learned some enlightening facts about modern-day shepherding:
Sheep dogs each have a different whistle (from the shepherd); they know their whistle and immediately respond to it.

The shepherd has worked so closely with the sheep dogs since they were pups, that they’re able to work together seamlessly as a unit, like fingers of the same hand, herding the sheep left or right toward a common goal, or bringing them in for shearing. It’s absolutely incredible to watch the electric synergy.

A true sheep dog never retires; they love to work. We witnessed a blind dog and a lame dog jumping to their feet to help bring in the sheep. You could see the pride and purpose reflected in their posture and excited countenance. According to the shepherd, if you retire a dog, he will soon wither away and die. His work is literally his life.

As I watched these faithful dogs in action, I recalled John 10:27, where Jesus, the Good Shepherd, said, in effect, that He wants to have the same type of synergistic relationship with his followers.

That we would know His voice and recognize when He’s speaking to us; that we would respond immediately, with our whole selves.

That we would internalize Him as part of ourselves so that the synergy would be seamless as we seek to know and to do His will.

That our work in His name is our very lives. That we never grow weary of bringing souls into His kingdom or touching hearts in His name. Christians never retire.

So my BFF (Blessed Friend Forever), how about engaging in a little self-reflection? Have you ever reached a faith plateau of staleness where you thought retirement sounded awfully tempting? Do you currently feel that electric synergy with your Savior, or does your sizzle need a little sparking?

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