By Kelly Wise Valdes

As Easter approaches, it’s time to prepare our hearts and minds to celebrate the risen Savior. In remembering the Easter story, the greatest story ever told, take this time to remember what the Easter story really means.

Devotions for Easter
By: Stacy J. Edwards

This book invites readers to find the messages of hope and mercy God places in even the smallest moments of the season. Forty days of inspiring readings and beautiful images will take readers on a journey toward the cross and the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection.

The Women of Easter
By: Liz Curtis Higgs

Explore stories of three women who played a vital role in the life and ministry of Jesus: Mary of Bethany, who prepared the way before the cross; Mary, mother of Jesus, who was addressed from the cross; and Mary Magdalene, who proclaimed Christ’s resurrection after the cross.

Easter Ideals, 2017 Edition
By: Melinda Rumbaugh

This book includes a compilation of poetry, prose, recipes and Bible excerpts, along with photography and artwork for this Easter edition for 2017. This beautiful treasury will evoke the joy and warmth of the emerging spring, celebrating the resurrection of life and honoring the risen Lord.

Easter Uncut
By: Carl Laferton

This is one man’s account during a week of his life including plans, shattered dreams and renewed hope. This accessible, faithful book will engage, inform and excite readers by taking them to the uncut Easter story and to the wonder of the message of the cross and empty tomb.

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Kelly Wise Valdes
Kelly Wise Valdes has been writing for the Osprey Observer since 2008. She graduated in 1989 from Florida Southern College with a B.S. in Communications and enjoys writing and traveling. She currently resides in northern Hillsborough County with her husband, David. When not traveling and writing, Kelly and her husband enjoy spending time with their five grown children (as well as their grandchildren) that still keep them very busy.