By Matt Boniface

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s The Flying Locksmiths. This national franchise was started in 1946 and exploded across the country thanks to their professionalism and family values. Locally, The Flying Locksmith opened for business on October 3, 2016 by Tammy Broussard and her husband, Michael Broussard, President elect of Fishhawk Riverview Rotary Club: of which he has been a member for eight years. They are a part of both the Riverview and Valrico Chamber of Commerce.

They offer a wide variety of security solutions and locksmith services for both residential and commercial needs but Michael mentioned that currently, “We primarily work with facilities managers on commercial sites.” Their price ranges vary based on the specific needs of each customer and are available 24 hours a day with a national dispatch center easily reached by phone.

Along with their work for a number of local big box stores, much of their work impacts “local drug, alcohol…and assisted living facilities,” according to Michael. Tammy continued, “Keeping patients safe” by fixing and changing locks to ensure that the facilities know where their patients are at all times.

“We want folks to know that this has been our home, we are part of the community,” Tammy said, “we have lived here for a dozen years…this was perfect for us”. Tammy and Michael have been pillars of the local community, dedicating their time to organizations that help those in need. Michael explained that they have recently “spearheaded the crayfish festival that raised over $20,000 for…charities and scholarships.”

Tammy has previously been involved in the Software and Technology industry with a strong background in sales. Having such a strong background in technology comes in handy as according to their website, “the locksmith industry is changing; it is not just a mechanical trade, it’s moving quickly to an electronic trade.”

The Flying Locksmiths has 12 local employees and are seeking an additional qualified locksmith for their team. They hire only second and third generation locksmiths. Inquiries can be made at their local offices on 156 E. Bloomingdale Ave. in Brandon.

For information, visit or call 24/7: 801-3145.

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