By Phyllis and Carl Schroeder

Letter To The Editor: Tuesday, February 28, we were headed home to Lombard, Illinois in our three month old, 2017 motor coach after six weeks of vacationing in Florida. Suddenly, ahead of us, a trailer carrying a large container blew a tire. Very large debris of tire littered the lane we were traveling in. With no place to go, we hit the debris which ripped off the exhaust system of the motor home and punctured the fuel system causing an immediate fire.

My husband pulled to the shoulder, stopped and we exited the motor home. The fire was moving rapidly from the rear of the coach to the front where the exit door is located. Having a bad knee I fell to the ground while holding onto our small dog. I could not get up. Suddenly two strangers appeared and lifted me up by the arms and dragged me off to safety. One of the gentlemen was Donnie Carl. I did not get the other man’s name. I owe my life to both men and cannot thank them enough for their courage in helping a stranger. They also saved my dog. Many travelers stopped and offered to help in any way needed.

We’ll never forget your local Ring Power/Cat family. What a wonderful caring bunch of men and women. They offered assistance immediately. Jason sent out a covered golf cart for the dog and me to sit on to get out of the sun. Eventually we were taken to the main building with air conditioning. Once inside, there was more generosity such as the use of a cordless phone from Tanya to call family as well as treats and a dog blanket for our beagle, from a gracious lady whose name I did not get. A CAT leash from the company store replaced the temporary strap from the guys in the shop. One gentleman offered to take us and the dog into his home for the night. Jason gave us a ride to La
Quinta in Brandon and Pam brought us a cell phone donated by Carl and his wife to replace ours lost in the fire. Marsha gave me her telephone number and offered to help.

I met so many wonderful people just sitting in the vestibule of your company. I apologize if I didn’t get a name or couldn’t remember you all by name. Your generosity and compassion to complete strangers amazed and renewed our faith in mankind. You have a wonderful company. Thank you again for everything.

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