By Sandy Meyer

Southshore Insurance Professionals recently celebrated its third birthday. The independent Property & Casualty insurance company specializes in personal and commercial needs. Its founder and Treasurer, Michelle Mosher, began her insurance career back in 1994 as a claims representative and over the years has become an expert in auto, home, umbrella and flood insurance. “We sell all the things a family needs to protect them,” said Mosher.

Each year around this time, Mosher and the other agents at Southshore Insurance Professionals begin calling on their existing customers to review their insurance needs and remind them that hurricane season is coming. Hurricane season, which begins June 1, also brings with it significant risk of flooding. Flood insurance, depending on your flood zone, may not be required by yourmortgage company, still is an important component of protection that homeowners should consider. According to Mosher, FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) requires a 30 day waiting period unless the policy is purchased in conjunction with your home purchase. “Waiting until we get warnings from the news is going to make it too late for us to be able to help clients in that particular storm,” said Mosher. It is also important to note that flood coverage is specifically excluded on home insurance policies.

Over the last year, a new alternative to government flood insurance has become available according to Mosher. Private flood insurance is now being offered by various homeowners insurance companies which Mosher says tends to be a less expensive option than the government version. This is because government insurance is a national program so a disaster in one state can affect the rates of every state. If you’re wondering if you need flood insurance for your home, Mosher’s reply is “If it rains where you live, it can flood where you live,” added Mosher. “As our area continues to develop, there’s nowhere for that water to go anymore except for up.”

For more information on flood insurance or any of the many personal and commercial insurance options offered by Southshore, please call 448-7580 or visit The office is located at 1219 Millenium Pkwy. Ste.132 in Brandon.

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