By Abby Baker

Mother Daughter Duo Amy and Suzy Wiesenhart, are currently running a LuLaRoe business out of Amy’s home in Brandon.

The LuLaRoe clothing line has swept the nation with comfortable in-home lines of colorful leggings and printed fabrics, and the mother and daughter pair are adding their own personal twist on the trend.

At age 30, Amy is a community service officer and a hair dresser. She started selling the popular clothing line in January. Suzy is retired and began helping, and now fills in when her daughter is busy at one of her other two jobs.
“You’re never too old to look good,” said Suzy. “Comfort is number one, but it kind of takes you out of your comfort zone.”

While the famous ‘buttery’ leggings and flowing dresses have been popping up more frequently than ever, you can’t buy these pieces in a store. LuLaRoe is strictly in-home. Fashion consultants can show off their line with Facebook auctions, live sales or with the Wiesenhart’s favorite, in-home selling parties.

Every print in the company is only repeated about 2,000 times, creating a demand for specific patterns. Each consultant is given different colors and prints, so each home business has a unique edge. A “unicorn” is a rare print that is sought out by a customer. It could be a donut-printed leggings or a starfish-decorated maxi skirt.

Amy was a LuLaRoe customer long before she began selling it. “It’s versatile and so comfy,” Amy said. “My wardrobe was almost filled, before I even started selling it.”

When a friend urged her to try selling, she ordered about 300 pieces of the brand last fall. In December, she woke up to six or seven towering boxes at her door, all stuffed with LuLaRoe.

“I bought a house and I have a guest bedroom,” Amy said. From a spare guest bedroom to a working business filled with colorful racks and shopping bags, the mother and daughter team are active and looking to grow their personal line further. Draped in vibrant dresses and layered textures, the two have a method for their dynamic partnership.
To shop their collection, join the group at or follow Lularoeamywiese.

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