By Abigail Baker

Dr. Gwyn’s full-time business, Gwyn Consulting Services sparked her interest in helping children struggling in public schools due to their challenges. The Florida Native has over 14 years experience working in child welfare in the field and on also on a management level. She holds a PhD in Organization and Management and a MS and BS in Criminal Justice. Her services offer academic help to doctoral students all over the world, from Venezuela to the United Kingdom.

Dr. Gwyn started the Presley Youth and Education Foundation in 2016 with the intent of using her education, skills and expertise, along with the skills of her doctoral students, into guiding struggling elementary school students along the right path. She took an hour of the school day a few times a week to do her ‘superhero” exercises with nine students at Palm River Elementary School.

“I had the idea going on for quite some time, Dr. Gwyn said. “I took what I had with my doctoral students and applied it.”

Dr. Gwyn attended Palm River, so she was aware that the elementary school is in a low income area. The small number of children that attend the Presley program are kids with behavioral concerns rooted in issues that extend past the classroom.

However, in the classroom Dr. Gwyn and a small group of experts use nontraditional methods in order to teach students how to use characteristics like courage, self-discipline and honesty to tackle real world issues.
“One child couldn’t read; he would play a game that helped him recognize sight words,” Dr. Gwyn said. “He was reading and trying to sound out the words, and another child sat behind him telling him “I believe in you.’”

For more information on how to help Dr. Gwyn continue her work with these children, you can contact the foundation at 766-5276 or

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