By Caitlin Masessa

If you’re looking for a sweet, but healthy, treat that will cool you down in the heat of a Florida summer, then look no further than the quaint Eliana’s Market specializes in a variety of meal options that will leave you satisfied and ready for more; including Cuban sandwiches, fresh fruit, and smoothies.

Wanting a change from the hustle of New York City, Caesar Meija, Jr., made the decision to start his fresh market business in Brandon due to the “neighborly feeling” the area exuberates.

“Brandon offers a quiet and quality life,” Meija said as he meandered around his produce. This affection for family shines through when Meija is speaking about what he hopes for his business; a spot for those to take a break from their busy lives to enjoy a sandwich and a smoothie.

“My favorite flavor is strawberry banana,” Meija answered when asked which smoothie he can be found sipping on before adding with a smile, “But that’s everyone’s favorite.” Whether your favorite is strawberry banana, or if another taste is calling to you, Eliana’s Market offers customers the opportunity to personally pick the fruit they want to be used in their smoothie from the wide selection offered in the store. “It’s something different,” Meija Junior what Eliana’s Market is all about; giving customers a new experience in their old neighborhood. If you want to take a bite of a Cuban sandwich, and then wash it down with a smoothie filled with ingredients handpicked by you, take a trip to Eliana’s Market.

Eliana’s Market is located on 160 N Parsons Ave. in Brandon. The market is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00p.m.

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