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For Lynda Fishbourne, drawing and painting has always been a part of her life. Fishbourne loves to share her artwork with others. Fishbourne said, “I do art because I find it very healing and relaxing. I show my art, sell it and give it away as presents. I also teach mandala (a spiritual and ritual symbol) drawing to others to inspire them. We are all creative and just need the courage to let go and enjoy it.”

Fishbourne has kept an art journal and teaches others to do the same. “I believe art journaling adds another layer to life. I have kept one for 20 years. Mine are full of ideas, inspirations, dreams, art and writing. It can be a life enhancing habit.”

Fishbourne’s artwork revolves around doors and windows, nature, the abstract and sacred circles. “I paint things that I connect to in hopes that others will find the same connection. I love the big skies and water in Florida. I love mandalas because painting and drawing them is very meditative. I also love snail mail and postage stamps because it is another way of making connections with others,” said Fishbourne.

For the last several years, Fishbourne has participated in local arts festivals. She also visits many to support fellow artists. Fishbourne participated in the 9th Annual Winthrop Arts Festival and Artisan Market in March. Fishbourne said, “I have really enjoyed participating in the Winthrop Arts Festival for the last two years. It is smaller and more intimate, so I can meet other artists and local art buyers. I like that they support the kids and encourage them in their art too.”

Fishbourne lived and worked for many years in Boston. She has been a resident of Riverview for the last 15 years. She is now a full-time artist. This comes after an impressive career as a creative director in advertising agencies and corporations.

Fishbourne works in acrylics, mixed media and encaustic art. Her husband, Bill, is an accomplished photographer and very supportive of her art endeavors.
For more information, please visit www.LyndaFishbourne.com.

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