With Arts & Entertainment Editor Kathy L. Collins

MaryAnne Freeman of Plant City is a passionate person. Freeman is a professional artist who creates paintings of stunning Florida landscapes and sunsets, indigenous birds and well-crafted portraits.

Freeman came to art late in life after a tremendously successful career in music. As a musician, she played with a band, orchestra, and provided music for church services, parties, weddings and even composed music. Freeman had a military contract with the Navy. She directed choirs, a Performing Arts Company and a group of military students.

Once Freeman discovered she had a talent for art, she put her heart and soul into it. She took classes with Master Artists including Gary Gessford. Freeman said, “I felt that I had music in me, but it took a while before my own music came out, and then I started to write music. Art came late in life to me.” Freeman added, “Unlike a musical performance where the applause is like a vapor that disappears, art lasts. You can see it, hold it and touch it.”

Freeman paints with mixable oils. She is inspired by landscapes, beach scenes, flowers, sunsets and animals. Freeman said, “I like to paint things that are uplifting. When you put your heart and soul into a painting, it stays with the painting.”

“I love what I do,” said Freeman who has had an amazing life. She moved over 31 times while she was married to a Coast Guard man and raised her children largely on her own. Since retirement, she has moved an additional seven times. She has lived in Plant City since the late 1990’s with her second husband, a retired Navy man who is a Hospice Chaplain.

“I have had an amazing life. There has been a lot of struggles and challenges, but it has been good. I think my philosophy for life comes from being alone. It comes out in my work. When I share my work, people get it,” said Freeman.

Freeman has an effusive personality and is a lovely, welcoming person. A visit to her home studio was like walking into a wonderfully curated gallery.

Freeman is an award-winning artist. She has been a member of the East Hillsborough Art Guild (EHAG for 15 years. Freeman does commissions and can be contacted at Freemanartist@netzero.net. Freeman’s work is currently being shown in a gallery in Melbourne.

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