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Paint Box Studio is a group of female artists who work in different media from painting to quilting. These experienced and talent artists are showcasing their wonderful artwork in an exhibit at Center Place, called Paint Box Studio Old and New. The exhibit is available for viewing now through Wednesday, August 30.

Paint Box Studio is composed of Melinda Albritton, Deborah Biasetti, Carlene Earl, Meletha Everett, Judith E. Johnson, Peggy Little, Bonnie Phillips and Gunni Nilsson Price.
The current exhibit is a lovely one which reflects the diversity of the artists in both style and subject matter. In addition to the usual late art pieces, these artists also enjoy creating beautiful miniatures. The different media exhibited in the show includes oil, watercolor, acrylic and oil with pen and ink.

Several of the artists were at a reception held at Center Place on Thursday, August 10. Deborah Biasetti, who is a watercolor artist, has been with the group for two years. Biasetti said, “I paint for the joy of painting. I love it, and I paint all the time.” Biasetti added, “I get inspired by the other artists in the group.”

Biasetti can be contacted at deborahbiasetti@gmail.com.

Peggy Little, who uses both watercolor and acrylic, has been with the group for over 10 years and has been painting for 30 years. “I love to paint beautiful artwork. I love to see pretty colors and look forward to seeing the finished product,” said Little.

The group is all friends who inspire one another. Little said, “We critique one another’s work. Sometimes you just need that to be creative.” Little can be contacted at plittle526@gmail.com.

Gunni Nilsson Price, who uses oil as her main medium, has been with the group for many years. Nilsson-Price said of the show, “We have held this show off and on for a number of years. It is a good way to show our work, both old and new. The show accurately depicts the work of each artist. You can see their progress as artists.” To view Nilsson Price’s work, please visit http://www.home.earthlink.net-/gunnibobpr.

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