By Michelle Colesanti

Angel Everett got into Harvard Law School, and now her new book, Harvard and Hardship, unveils the secrets of how she did it.

She said, “The path to academic excellence should not be a secret.”

Everett attended the Baccalaureate (IB) program at King High School before accepting a full-ride academic scholarship to attend the University of Alabama (UA).

“I figured that since I was about to graduate summa cum laude from UA, maybe I’d have a shot at a top law school. So, one afternoon as I sat in my dorm room, I said an awkward prayer, ‘God, please help me get into Harvard’.”

Everett was delighted when God answered her prayer to attend the school of her dreams. However, when she stepped onto the Harvard Law School campus, it seemed that everyone else knew what they were doing, but she was fumbling around trying to figure things out. To make matters worse, the ‘Imposter Syndrome’ haunted her as she walked the halls and sat in classrooms of Harvard, whispering that she didn’t really belong at such an elite institution.

According to Everett, along with providing a behind-the-scenes perspective of life as a Harvard Law student, her book unveils the hidden playbook of college and law school success, including admissions advice, practical ‘how to’ study tips, strategies for final exam and final paper success and maintaining confidence in academic and intellectual spaces.

“With Harvard & Hardship I wanted to provide a guide to college and law school, so no one will have to feel lost as they reach for their academic goals. Harvard & Hardship covers everything from high school, to the college and law school admissions process, to finding a job post-graduation, to passing the Florida bar,” she said.

Everett’s growing YouTube channel, ‘Harvard and Hardship’, features informative videos on various aspects of college and law school such as the application process, paper-writing tips, and student life.

She worked for one of Harvard’s research arms for about a year before launching full-time into Harvard & Hardship. 

Now Everett is ready to share her knowledge by providing practical advice and encouragement to teens and adults who are looking to reach their educational goals. You can purchase Harvard and Hardship at The first three chapters are available for a free download.

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Michelle Colesanti
Michelle has been with the Osprey Observer for almost nine years, and her current position is Assignment Editor. She resides in Bloomingdale with her husband Phil, two sons, Philip and Matthew, and Tigger the cat.