By Brittany Wallace

This summer at Osprey Observer has led to great opportunities for two girls, Caitlin Masessa and I, who interned here for the summer. Masessa started in May, while I began in June. Masessa, who I only knew for a short time, was a caring girl, and amazing writer. I am grateful to have met her at the Osprey Observer.

Masessa, who is currently a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University majoring in Communications with a minor in Creative Writing said, “Not only did the paper give me a hands-on experience on seeing how a monthly newspaper got printed, but it also gave me the opportunity to stretch my journalistic muscles”.

Masessa was happy to find out this internship wasn’t her just being someone’s assistant. She had insightful and learning opportunities at Osprey Observer. She got to attend a Derek Jeter press conference, and write multiple features and business profiles.

The Osprey Observer has allowed Masessa to grow as a person. She was able to become more educated about her community. It has also helped her erase her fears of graduating next summer. She has become less scared of graduation and her future because of it.
Masessa said, “I appreciate the time everyone took to help me learn and do the best work.”

She plans after graduation to continue her relationship with the Osprey Observer through freelance writing. She also wants to ultimately look for jobs in journalism outside of Florida.

I am Brittany Wallace, a student who just earned an associate degree at Hillsborough Community College, and will be heading to the University of Florida this fall. I have had the pleasure of interning at the Osprey Observer.

My mother had told me multiple times to ask for an internship at the Osprey Observer, but took me six months to actually go in. I am so grateful I did. This internship has allowed me to become more comfortable with my writing, as well having the privilege to see my words in print.

Summer was more interesting because of the lovely women at the Osprey Observer. I had the chance to interview Sherrie Sykes, who recently retired as the Area 5 School Superintendent, and who was amazing to meet. I also met the local winner of Chopped, Devin Davis. Not to mention learning about how vibrant my community is.

My goal is to become a journalist, and that is why I am majoring in journalism at University of Florida. I can say confidently that my time at Osprey Observer helped me on that route to my dream. I would just like to say a thank you to everyone there, and the help was appreciated.

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