By Eric Heubusch

In addition to what the name suggests, College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors of Lithia and Valrico offers area families role models.

Steve Galloway, owner and general manager, said he was drawn to the franchise because he wanted to do more to help families and invest in his community. Galloway felt that College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors, a service that provides homework help and childcare, was more of an organization that caters to families.

“These are not just people to come over and watch TV with children,” Galloway said. “They are expected to engage with children, to do things that are creative and enjoyable.”

Galloway is referring to the organization’s ‘role models.’ The nannies, sitters and tutors under Galloway are expected to be more than just that: they are to invest in the lives of the kids they help, with the ultimate goal of preparing children to go to college.

The role models include full-time and on-call nannies who watch children after school and when parents decide to go out. Most of the role models employed are 20-24, with some additional older nannies that have years of experience. Galloway, who started the franchise earlier this year, said the tutoring side of his business will be taking off soon.
“We want the child to have an experience,” Galloway said. “So, at the end of that experience, he or she wants his role model to come back. They look at mom and dad going out as a chance for fun.”

As opposed to traditional day care centers, College Nannies, Sitters and Tutors of Lithia and Valrico offers a more unique and personal experience. All care is conducted in the family’s home, with role models exclusively devoted to that child or children, instead of supervising a whole classroom.

“We have extensive background checks and interviewing,” Galloway said. “We have very high standards for the people we are sending into these homes.”

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