By Tamas Mondovics

The Durant High School Cougars varsity football program led by Head Coach Mike Gottman cannot complain too much about the way things are going for the program, which despite the recent stormy weather, has managed to maintain its winning momentum.

Adding to the strong season start, the Cougars visited the Newsome Wolves to play a non-conference game, mainly to match up each other’s strengths and to crown the winner of the bout the team coaches named the Alafia River Rivalry.

While a decent matchup, Durant dominated Newsome, ending the rivalry with a 42-24 final score in the Cougars favor.

Durant running back Cameron Myers, who is averaging nearly 140 yards per game, was unstoppable, leaving the Newsome defense in his track, amassing 15 carries for almost 300 yards without missing a beat, not to mention scoring four times before he was done.

Interestingly, it was the Wolves that took an early 10-7 lead with a 45-yard field goal by Spencer Shrader.
Unfortunately, with Myers supported by Cougars’ fullback David Tabakovic, the Wolves, led by Head Coach Kenneth Hiscock, had no chance of maintaining the lead and had to settle for their first loss of the season.
“Playing Newsome has always been a great rivalry,” Gottman said just minutes before game start, adding “It’s gonna come down to the team who makes the least mistakes.”

Gottman emphasized his prediction of the game when he said his team can be successful when the players put in the work so they can deserve the win.

“This game is about pride,” he said.

The Cougars hope to earn another district title and advance to Regionals.

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