By Kelly Wise Valdes

For many centuries, December brings us to a time of excitement, hope, joy and family. It marks the season of Christmas as well as the beginning of Advent. People of all ages and faiths try to embrace the Christmas spirit. People who are not professing Christians even claim familiarity with the story of the birth of Jesus. Christmas displays of Jesus resting in a manger can be found in front yards alongside of Santa and Rudolph. Christmas Carols about Jesus’ birth are played on the radio and are sandwiched between Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman. Yet, despite the abundance of Christian references in popular culture, many of us get lost during Advent season. Is there a deeper meaning to that first Christmas besides just being an incredible story?

25 Christmas Blessings: An Inspiring Countdown to Christmas!
By: Dena Dyer

Prepare your heart for the miracle of Christ’s birth as you reflect on God’s many graces during this joyful season. Featuring a meditation, prayer, Scripture reading, and “Top 10 Ways to Bless Others This Christmas,” each holiday-themed reading explores topics such as love, giving, listening, resting, celebrating, remembering and more.

The Story of Christmas: Story Book Set & Advent Calendar
By: Workman Publishing

Wonderfully illustrated and brimming with holiday spirit, this set features miniature board books. Read in sequence, they capture the magic of the first Christmas, from Gabriel’s visit to Mary, to the Three Wise Men gazing at the star, to Jesus’ birth. Each book is one of four different trim sizes and features a gold thread loop so it can be hung on the Christmas tree.

The Christ of Christmas
By: James Montgomery Boice

The Christmas story evokes many touching images – Halos, fresh hay, shepherds carrying new lambs and young motherhood. But the Christmas story is more than sentimental – it is powerful. It deals with real people, it involves pain and it is one of the most strikingly unusual stories in all of history. Its main emphasis is not on the infancy of Jesus but on the life of Jesus. It’s a story that still has deep meaning today.

21 Days of Christmas: Stories That Celebrate God’s Greatest Gift
By: Kathy Ide

In this faith-filled book, readers find heartwarming stories that illustrate the true meaning of Christmas through tales about giving, loving and family. At the end of each chapter, there is a “Life Application” to help carry the truth of each story into your life. This volume features a debossed hardcover binding, color printing throughout, and a ribbon bookmark. Perfect for giving this Advent and Christmas season.

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Kelly Wise Valdes
Kelly Wise Valdes has been writing for the Osprey Observer since 2008. She graduated in 1989 from Florida Southern College with a B.S. in Communications and enjoys writing and traveling. She currently resides in northern Hillsborough County with her husband, David. When not traveling and writing, Kelly and her husband enjoy spending time with their five grown children (as well as their grandchildren) that still keep them very busy.