By John Davis Jr.

Shekar Laveti and Souji Chalumuri are excited by their new school’s incredible success in Lithia.
The Goddard School, serving infants through children age five, opened its doors about one month ago, and since that time has seen tremendous growth. In a new eco-friendly building, the school offers a wealth of tools and spaces for child development.

Goddard School students are constantly engaged. In centers, children explore foreign languages including American Sign Language, and learn more about letters, numbers and the world around them. Muted interior colors with entertaining designs keep young minds focused but not over-stimulated. Hands-on charts and puzzles employ tactile-kinesthetic learning, while art stations offer a creative outlet.

“We wanted to be more than a daycare,” said Laveti. “We wanted children to come here and learn something not just be supervised.”

Some are introduced to digital literacy skills on the school’s state-of-the-art desktop computers, while others are practicing math facts using manipulatives. A diversity of sensory techniques allows Goddard’s students to achieve and research proves it.

They score 45 percent higher on math and literacy assessments than their non-Goddard peers. In addition, Goddard students are more likely to perform above grade level upon entering primary grades. These facts alone make the school a prime choice for parents seeking higher cognitive interaction for their children.

Prices at the school range from $210 per week up to $265, depending on age. Chalumuri said she and her husband did their homework before opening and made the price range competitive with surrounding facilities. For the amount parents are paying, however, they are receiving instruction, cleanliness and safety few other schools provide, said the owners.

On every door, pinch guards assure no little fingers get caught. The playground’s USA-made artificial turf prevents injuries. The school boasts an 18-step diaper changing protocol, and its other childcare procedures are equally prescriptive to ensure child well-being.

Small class sizes at The Goddard School also optimize education. While the State of Florida mandates preschool classes be capped at 20 students per teacher, The Goddard School halved that number to be certain individualized attention was given to every child. Even with a max of 10 students, the classes are usually kept smaller so that students receive specialized instruction.

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