By Tamas Mondovics

Members of BPHAT Fitness, a private full power studio gym have every reason to be pleased with the recent success of a pair of its athletes who competed during the International Powerlifting League (IPL) World Power competition in Las Vegas last month.

Bloomingdale High School graduate Katie Little, 21, a nursing student at USF, who teaches swimming at the Brandon Aquatics Center and her team mate Anna Boettger, 15 a Newsome High School sophomore, won gold and silver medals respectively during the annual event.

Boettger also broke an American record during the competition proving to be the rightful tourney winner.

According to Matthew Brewer, a BPHAT certified personal fitness trainer with more than 20 years of experience, both girls had to go through a number of qualifiers just to be invited to the competition. Brewer said this in itself is a huge accomplishment.

“I am extremely proud of the girls and what they were able to accomplish in the short time they have been training at the gym,” Brewer said, adding that while Katie has been training for about 18 months, Anna just a little more than a year.

While, Little holds two Florida State records, Boettger—a straight A student who is working on developing a power-team club at Newsome so she can train athletes—holds three Florida State records, two American records and one world record.

“Anna went from less than a year, walking into the gym to become a world class lifter,” he said, adding, “That is success.”

Located at 3638 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. in Valrico, BPHAT offers one-to-one personal training, small Group Strength and Fitness classes, as well as classes for highly competitive USPA Power Lifting Team that holds State, American and World records.

BPHAT’s emphasis is on the individual member to help them define their goals, develop a plan “to reach those goals and teach you how to achieve and maintain them.”

Brewer summed up the fitness facility’s recent success when he said, “The girls are amazing athletes and I’m both proud and lucky to have such talented in my gym.”

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