By Kate Quesada

Visitors to FishHawk Ranch’s Park Square will have noticed construction underway on the fountains and splash pad, which have not been operating correctly since 2007. What residents may not realize is what has gone into the project and why it deserves its $800,000 price tag.

According to Ruth Brown, Chairman of FishHawk Ranch Community Development District (CDD) II, which is overseeing the project, demolition of the previous fountains alone cost $100,000.
“To say that the board was shocked at the price would be an understatement,” said Brown.
“Unfortunately, that’s what it costs to build a quality commercial grade splash pad these days.”

Brown stated that the fountains, which were constructed in 2005, began having problems years ago.
“The underground equipment vault, controllers, pump and filtrations failed and had to be completely replaced,” said Brown. “Since the fountain nozzles had exceeded their lifespan and soft decks are now available, the board decided to build an entirely new fountain using state-of-the-art technology which will be easier to maintain and last over 20 years.”

The new fountains will be simpler to operate and maintain. In addition, the controllers, nozzles and operating system will be commercial grade and nozzles will rotate. Some parts will also come with a warranty.

“The Park Square Fountains serve as the centerpiece for the FishHawk Ranch community,” said Brown. “Since the District is responsible for maintaining the existing facilities and amenities, it was important to rebuild it.”

The project, which is expected to be completed by early spring 2018, was funded solely by the fees collected from the 2,551 homeowners and Park Square business units in FishHawk CDD II.

In addition to the fountain construction, which is being done by Western Aquatic Construction and Development Inc. an Arizona-based commercial pool contracting company, the board also approved a complete renovation of the bathroom structure in Park Square due to wear and tear. The engineer is also working on a master plan of Park Square, including a playground in the area, which Brown stated is subject to the board’s approval and will likely be phased over time depending on availability of funds.

To contact the FishHawk Ranch CDD II, visit or call 533-2950. Brown can be reached at

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Kate Quesada
Assignment Editor Kate Quesada started working at the Osprey Observer in 2004 after graduating from the University of South Florida with a masters degree in Mass Communications. Since then, she has held various positions at the paper and has been working as the assignment editor since January 2020. She lives in Lithia with her husband Mike and sons Dylan and Max and stays active in the community on school PTA boards and volunteering with local organizations.