By Tamas Mondovics

Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) officials have been working diligently to attract riders.

Recent changes and updates, including new, consolidated routes as well as free Wi-Fi on all of its busses, are promising more comfortable and convenient trips for riders.

HART’s latest addition is expanding the availability of free wireless Internet service to include the TECO Line Streetcar System and the agency’s top transit and transfer centers.  

Recently, HART added complimentary Wi-Fi on all fixed-route buses, but now, TECO Line Streetcar passengers and HART riders can check emails, stream music or watch movies on their commute.

“This is another significant step toward expanding technology that not only allows HART to provide more services to its customers, but expands the HART commitment to innovative technology and solutions throughout our system,” said HART CFO Jeff Seward. “We are pleased to offer this enhanced amenity to our TECO Line Streetcar System riders and our customers at MTC, UATC, Netp@ark and Northwest transfer centers.” 

The agency is promising this roll-out of Wi-Fi technology as the foundation of the upcoming smart card program, where passengers will be able to use their smartphones and dedicated account-based cards to travel not only the HART system but throughout the Tampa Bay area region.

HARTFlex and HARTPlus vehicles will also receive free Wi-Fi soon. 

The recent update comes on the heels of the announcement of the future departure of HART CEO Katharine Eagan, after nearly eight years of service.
Eagan is leaving behind a legacy of innovation and a strong foundation for future growth.

“As I look back on my tenure, I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to work with so many great people, and I am extremely proud of what we achieved together,” Eagan said.

Eagan will be taking on a transit leadership role in a new community.
For questions or comments about our Wi-Fi service, please contact Customer Service at 254-HART (4278).

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