By Kate Quesada

FishHawk residents Beth Bennett and Charlotte Albert have a health and fitness secret they don’t mind sharing. Bennett and Albert have made huge wellness strides in the time since they joined Anytime Fitness in FishHawk Ranch’s Park Square and they credit their changes to the gym’s convenient location, superior equipment, supportive atmosphere and helpful team, specifically trainer Andrew Zoellner.

Anytime Fitness, owned by military veterans Ron and Monica Rigand, offers 24/7 access to gym amenities and a wide variety of equipment including virtual studio classes, but also has daily staffed hours with group and personal training and personalized health plans.

Albert, who joined the gym shortly before turning 65 years old, works with Zoellner regularly and has developed a fitness plan that keeps her coming back.

“I made the decision to improve my health after spending thousands of dollars on my husband’s health problems,” said Albert. “I realized I could spend money at the gym and maintain a good healthy lifestyle well into my 90s or I could sit back and wait to spend money on co-pays, deductibles, medications, prescriptions and assisted living.”

Bennett, who suffers from scoliosis, has lost 35 pounds and gained muscle tone since joining Anytime Fitness six months ago. She has also noticed many other positive changes in her health, including an 11 degree improvement in her spinal curvature, a significant health change that she credits to her work with Zoellner.

“Andrew has a very different approach to fitness training and has focused on my joints and how muscles connect and interact,” said Bennett. “

Zoellner considers himself to be a combination trainer, teacher and lifestyle coach.
“I take a holistic approach when working with clients,” said Zoellner who has worked in the fitness industry for many years including almost eight years with amateur golf and tennis players in Miami. “Most people are looking to change and become healthier, but need guidance. I try to look at everything that is going on with them and help them make long term changes.”

Anytime Fitness is located at16144 Churchview Dr., Ste. 201; second floor of Park Square. Call 438-8474 or visit for more information.

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Kate Quesada is the Multimedia Manager for the Osprey Observer Newspapers. She has been working for the paper in various positions since 2005 when she graduated with her Masters degree in mass communications. She lives in Valrico with her husband Mike and son Dylan.