Shannon Keene started Fishhawk Fitness and Boxing in 2008 when the Gold’s Gym he was managing shut down. He bought up all the equipment and set it up on his 10-acre land in Fishhawk. The former boxer has taken an interest in training young boxers, as well as training athletes from other sports.

According to Keene, he has been a personal trainer for 20 years and has been working in fitness his whole life.

He offers lessons in boxing for fitness, strength and conditioning, and weight loss, just to name a few. Keene has also trained a lot of star athletes in the area, including Riverview baseball standout Anthony Gonnella.

His star pupil is Bloomingdale’s Dominic Gonnella. Gonnella, a sophomore, plays left field for the baseball team, and is also on the footballl team. Keene says that Gonnella is one of the strongest kids on the team and can squat 465 pounds. He has trained him since he was nine. “Coach Keene has helped me tremendously in getting me to the point in athletics where I am now,” said Gonnella. “I’ve dominated high school football and partially baseball because of my strength, speed, and overall athleticism. Coach Keene has gotten me where I am because of hard work and time put in.”  

The Ybor City native has lived in Fishhawk the last 10 years, and owned land in the area before it was built. He built his house on the property and put the open-air, fully functional facility there as well. The gym is private and training is by appointment only.

According to Keene, he has more equipment than most gyms in the area. Keene focuses on training small groups of people so that each person gets the individual attention he or she needs to succeed. He trains men, women and kids.

“Exercise helps build confidence,” said Keene.
To contact Keene, call 900-5718.

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Nick Nahas
Nick Nahas has written for the Osprey Observer since 2016. He has lived in the Valrico area since 2002 and has his bachelor’s degree in mass communications from the University of South Florida. He is dedicated to covering sports in Hillsborough County at every level.