FishHawk resident and author Rodney Wetzel recently released his second book Banthom. He is currently writing his third novel, to be published next year. Banthom is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble and

Writing novels is a lifelong dream for FishHawk resident Rodney Wetzel. As fate had it, his dream was truly born out of a life-changing tragedy. In 1995, Wetzel was involved in a near-fatal car accident when his car was struck by a drunk driver. As a form of self-rehabilitation Rodney started working on his first novel.

“This tragedy left Rodney in the hospital for a week with a long recovery,” said Connie, his wife of 28-yrs. “Due to his injures Rodney had difficulty getting out of the house, so that is when he started writing Fritz.”

The book sat on the shelf for a number of years until his wife and children encouraged Wetzel to publish it in 2016. Once published, Fritz did very well and he was urged to write the sequel, Banthom, which he completed this earlier year.

His new book, Banthom, will keep readers on the edge of their seats with its page-turner, thriller plot and twists. In the book, lead characters Phillip Parker and Franky Lake are college professors from small-town Michigan, and yet, their lives take a dark turn when they head to Dublin, Ireland to investigate the murder of two children they suspect died at the hands of a malicious entity. With the help of parapsychologist Dr. Timothy Huffman, they must unravel the secret of Lord Banthom.

Banthom was a seventeenth century witch and world renowned Satanist. Their investigation takes a sinister turn when they discover evil forces stronger than they could have imagined.

This battle between the righteous and wicked unfolds across two continents with the fate of the entire human race hanging in the balance.

Wetzel is currently working on his third book, Bobby’s Cage, which is scheduled to be released in early 2019.

“Bobby’s Cage takes place in Dublin and then Florida, specifically our local areas of Riverview, Brandon and Gibsonton,” said Wetzel.

Banthom is available for purchase on as well as several other outlets. Wetzel was recently featured at a book signing in March at Barnes and Noble in the Brandon Town Center. For more information, you can follow Rodney Wetzel on Twitter at

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