The headquarters for the Florida operations is located in Lithia. Mosaic plans to move its headquarters from Minnesota to an unspecified location in Hillsborough County.

The Mosaic Company (NYSE: MOS) recently announced that it intends to move its corporate headquarters, to Hillsborough County.

Details of the move, including timing, the exact location of the corporate office and the number of employees to be relocated, remain under consideration.

“Mosaic is among the largest employers and most significant corporate economic drivers in Central Florida,” said Mosaic President and CEO Joc O’Rourke. “We believe locating our corporate office there will give us opportunities to amplify Mosaic’s presence and engage more closely with communities where we operate. With the cost savings we expect to achieve and the closer proximity to our Mosaic Fertilizantes business in Brazil, this move will drive improved efficiency and good value.”

Mosaic is a Fortune 500 company with over 100 years of phosphate mining history in the U.S. It is the world’s largest combined producer of potash and phosphates, two vital plant nutrients. Mosaic has its largest domestic presence in Florida, where it directly employs 3,000 Floridians and an additional 3,000 contractors.
In recent years, the company significantly expanded its business into South America, acquiring Archer Daniels Midland Company’s fertilizer distribution business in Brazil and Paraguay in 2014 and Vale Fertilizantes in Brazil in 2018.

Moving its headquarters to Hillsborough County will yield several benefits for Mosaic: Closer proximity and better access to Mosaic Fertilizantes. The company’s recent acquisition of Vale Fertilizantes doubled the size of its workforce, significantly increased its presence in Brazil, and reinforced the importance of keeping its Americas based business units more closely connected to corporate teams; a continued focus on the potash business with little impact on accessibility for leaders and team members; opportunities to amplify Mosaic’s presence in Central Florida and engage more closely with communities where they operate and significant long-term cost savings.

“We are thrilled that Mosaic is moving its corporate headquarters to Hillsborough County,” said Sandy Murman, Chair of the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners. “In addition to helping to drive our local economy, Mosaic has contributed millions of dollars and countless volunteer hours over the past several decades to local nonprofit organizations. We thank Mosaic for strengthening their commitment to our community as they establish their headquarters in Hillsborough County.”

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