In a recent study through the Educational Leadership and Counseling Department at Florida Agriculture and Mechanical University, Riverview South Kid’s Community College K-8 (KCC) was one of only seven schools in the state able to reverse the science achievement gap, and African American students outpaced their white counterparts on the 2016-2017 state science assessment.

Established in 2003, KCC is a K-8 charter with the goal of providing an individualized education based on Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence Theory to each of its students. KCC is committed to a more well-rounded approach to education that takes into account spatial, kinesthetic, musical, inter/intrapersonal, and naturalist intelligences. By recognizing and building upon the unique gifts each student brings and supplementing a student’s challenge areas, professors tailor an instructional approach to scaffold all students to success. “At KCC, students develop strong academic, social and emotional characteristics,” explained KCC Servant Leader, Tim Kilpatrick.

Karen Seder, Campus Director, could not be more proud of her students’ success: “KCC is now and has always been dedicated to the well-being and educational success of every child.” These statistics affirm KCC’s conceptual framework, but it is the students’ excitement for learning that really drives Seder and her staff.
Seeing the smiles on students’ faces when they brought back two 1st place and one 3rd place Elementary Science Fair awards and a 2nd place Middle School award is the real reward.

KCC is a free public charter for all students in Hillsborough County. With nine campuses to choose from, there is a KCC near you ready to meet your child’s needs. For more information, visit them online at or email KCC Riverview South K-8 is located at 10030 Mathog Rd. in Riverview.

For information specific to the south campus including how to register your child, contact Karen Seder at 671-1440 or

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