Photo Courtesy of Thomas Kirkland Thomas Kirkland was in the military for 32 years

At a time when concerns about protecting yourself online are at an all-time high, ID Pros of Florida/Harvard Risk Management Corporation might be a fit for you. According to the Federal Trade Commission, identity theft has been the number one crime in the US for over 16 years. An average of 40,000 people have their identity stolen each day. “It’s a huge problem that everybody is facing,” said Thomas C. (Chris) Kirkland, owner of the company. “Unfortunately it’s not getting any better, it’s actually getting worse.”

Kirkland, a 32-year military veteran who retired in 2014, used his problem-solving experience and background in security in the military to help jump start his company almost two years ago. He started out in the Navy as a special operations diver. After nine years, he transferred to the Air Force, where he spent his last 23 years in the military. After he retired, he worked for two years as a consultant, working with insurance companies up north before starting his own company. He currently works for large companies, as well as individuals as a consultant when it comes to cyber security and customizing a plan to combat it.

According to their website, they offer employee benefit specialists, trained professionals that work with thousands of clients across North America to provide cutting-edge benefits that help both employees and employers. They also offer risk management services. “While it may be impossible to eliminate all risk, our risk management consultants work with companies to help reduce exposure to identity theft and fraud. The solutions we offer can help to improve our clients’ bottom line,” said Kirkland.

They also offer employee training and education. They have specialists that conduct training and workshops on popular subjects such as identity theft, estate planning and financial wellness. Harvard Risk Management Corporation is one of the largest brokers in North America for identity theft solutions. “We currently work with thousands of companies, associations, and individuals to help reduce risk and provide protection, security, and peace of mind. Identity theft continues to be a major issue, and according to the Federal Trade Commission, it has once again topped the list as the number one consumer complaint,” said Kirkland.

Kirkland’s ultimate goals are to expand his company and help fight against identity theft.

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