The Regent is a beautiful venue that is perfect for either a small and elegant affair, a medium size event and a large celebration for up to 500 people.

Every bride wants their special day to be a memorable one. The perfect venue will add to the lasting memories for both the bride and groom and all who attend the big day. The Regent, located in Riverview, is one of largest venues in the area, but it can also be a small, intimate and stylish one.

A bride can opt to have both the ceremony and reception at The Regent or just the reception. The Regent offers an attractive outdoor courtyard complete with a sweeping staircase and three ballrooms that can be combined to hold up to 500 people.

Julie Juteau is the Executive Director for The Regent. Juteau, along with Christina Smith the Event Manager, can provide as much or as little advice and counsel as the bride wants or requires. Juteau said, “We are an a la cart venue. We work with brides who do everything themselves all the way to ones who use a wedding planner.”

The Regent is a beautiful blank palette. The beautiful wood floors and neutral colors will match any decor the bride desires. The beauty of The Regent has been enhanced with the addition of three fabulous chandeliers that were recently installed by Borrell Electric. The chandeliers were two years in the making. Juteau said, “The chandeliers are our biggest up upgrade.” Juteau added, “Borrell Electric was wonderful to work with in installing the chandeliers. We had to stop because of Hurricane Irma as The Regent is a Special Needs Shelter.”

The Regent has several exclusive caterers that they have vetted over the years. In addition, all liquor and bar services are handled exclusively through The Regent. Other vendors that have worked at The Regent are optional, but Juteau can vouch for them. Juteau said, “We use a lot of local vendors. The Regent was built by this community so we like to give back to local vendors.”

In addition to weddings, The Regent is a perfect venue for corporate events, celebration of life events and even charitable fundraising events for non-profits. Juteau said, “We offer special discounts for non-profits to hold their events at The Regent.”

For information, visit, or call 571-2494 or email

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