One of the most commonly told fibs about bridesmaids’ dresses is that you can wear them again. If you have ever been in a wedding, you know this is decidedly untrue for the most part.

Why is it that groomsmen can rent tuxes for a small fee and return them after the party while bridesmaids are left to pay hundreds of dollars on gowns they may only wear once?

According to the the BRIDES American Wedding Study 2016, the average bridesmaids dress costs $133, and the majority of brides (66 percent) pick a color and allow their bridesmaids to choose the dress style while only 33 percent match both color and style.

This much freedom for today’s bridesmaid means you shouldn’t be afraid to exercise your right to rent rather than buy your dress.


Many local shops offer discount rental pricing based on dress style and number of people in your wedding party. Ask around prior to settling on your dress company to find the best deals for your bridesmaids. They will appreciate both the discounted pricing and your effort in trying to ensure it.

If you have enough in your budget, offer to pay for extra jewelry or accessories to show your bridesmaids you care. You may save enough on a rental deal to allow you to do so.


While searching for fashion rental options, be sure to ask the following questions:
• What is your damage and incidentals policy?
• How long can I rent the dress for?
• If I like the dress, can I have the option to buy it?

Let the answers to these questions guide your final decision. As the bride, remember to include your bridesmaids in the decision-making process. This will help keep everyone on the same page and ensure your friends’ enthusiasm on your special day.

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