The staff at Holistic Medical Care Clinic celebrates its fourth anniversary with special pricing.

Holistic Medical Care Clinic LLC is proud to celebrate its four year anniversary (three years in Apollo Beach located at 400 Frandorson Cir, #103 and one year in the Brandon office located at 205 W. Morgan St.). The clinic is led by Nataliya Sia, ARNP and Sunny Sia, Psychiatric ARNP, who together founded the first NP-led integrative medical practice in Tampa Bay area back in 2014. Integrative medical procedures that they provide include hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Prolozone therapy injection for chronic pain, Ultraviolet Intravenous (UV-IV) light, as well as Vitamin IVs treatment therapies, among others.

For the anniversary, the clinic will be offering the Hyperbaric Oxygen 2.0 ATA therapy (which is equivalent to diving at a depth of 90 ft.) at a special pricing of $290 per session (a $350 value). For diving package purchases, initial consult will be at 50% off. There will also be a Sports and Immune health package discounts (combining HBOT and Myer’s cocktail/Vitamin IVs) for boosting immune system and body rejuvenation.

Holistic Medical Care Clinic utilizes the state of the art, ETC Baramed monoplace hyperbaric Chamber, one of the most advanced hyperbaric chamber system in the country today, to provide hyperbaric medicine treatment to improve patient’s quality of life. Although Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been around for more than 350 years, it has now been gaining ground as a complementary, holistic medical treatment option for a wide variety of FDA-approved neurological, orthopedic, wound care and other medical conditions. Disorders being treated include chemotherapy induced injuries, diabetic wounds, scars resulting from surgery, autism, cerebral palsy, stroke and traumatic brain injury. Patients who have undergone plastic or C-section surgeries also do well with faster and complete healing of scar tissues.

Professional athletes have also been known to use HBOT to accelerate muscle healing due to sport injuries and to prevent irreversible damage to the brain. Although still in the experimental phase, athletes like NY Jets legend Joe Namath and NBA’s Lebron James have endorsed the therapy after experiencing first-hand the benefits of the procedure.

Please visit or call them at 398-0470 to know more about the complementary therapy and to schedule an appointment.

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