Sun Air Services can quickly and efficiently repair or replace air conditioning units to keep homes cool in Florida’s sweltering heat.

Summertime in Florida consists of long days filled with beach trips, pints of ice cream and inevitably, home air conditioner failure.

Sun Air Services owner Charlie Henry isn’t surprised that he is busiest during the summer months.

“Air conditioning units are constantly running in this constant heat and that takes a toll on any unit, especially older models,” he said. “If a unit isn’t properly maintained or is limping along it’s going to fail.”

Henry gets protests from some customers when they hear the average lifespan of a unit is 10–12 years. “They tell me that their unit in their home up north lasted 25 years,” he said. “They get it when I tell them that their A/C unit wasn’t running all the time like it is here.”

Both of Brandon resident Justin May’s home air conditioning units died within a few months of each other. When the upstairs unit went out he was not too concerned because it just cooled a bonus room that wasn’t used often, but then the unit that cooled the downstairs failed.

May contacted one company for a quote, who went to his home, looked at his units and told him his evaporator coils needed to be replaced but that they weren’t under warranty. The technician said they would contact him the next day with an estimate of repair costs.

When he didn’t hear back from that company the next day, May called Henry at Sun Air Services, who had a technician in his home a few hours later. The technician contacted the manufacturer and was told that the evaporator coils were under warranty; May only had to pay for labor charges.

Sun Air Services repaired both air conditioning units that same day.

“It’s always a stressful thing to lose your A/C units in these hot summer months, but Sun Air Services got them up and running quickly and saved me $3,000 in the process,” said May.

Sun Air Services is a Lenox-authorized factory dealer and understands how necessary it is to have a working air conditioner in Florida.

Air conditioners not only spread cool air throughout your property, but also eliminate humidity in the air, reducing the risk of mold.

The professionals at Sun Air Services are skilled in offering different types of residential and commercial services, including A/C maintenance, replacement, tune-ups and emergency repairs.

“An annual cleaning makes sure everything is running properly and it’s like changing the oil in your car,” he said.

“If you maintain it properly you can potentially avoid it breaking down prematurely and avoid costly repairs.”

For information, visit or call 684-9919.

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Michelle Caceres
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