LaShawn Strachan has more than 20 years of experience of volunteering as a child advocate and practicing law in Flordia. Strachan has the temperament and experience necessary to become an effective County Court Judge. She is running in Group 8 and would like your vote on Tuesday, August 28.

LaShawn Strachan is passionate about service to the community. Strachan would like to continue her pursuit of this passion by serving as County Court Judge. Strachan is running for County Court Judge in Group 8 and would like your vote on Tuesday, August 28.

“I went to law school to help people and that is still a driving force in my life today,” said Strachan. “As a judge, I will have an opportunity to change people’s lives for the better. I have been in courtrooms in many counties all over this state, and I have seen many great judges, and unfortunately, some not good. In order to make a fair and just decision, the judge must have the ability to listen to all sides, know the law and have the courage to apply the law fairly to everyone,” added, Strachan.

Before attending law school, Strachan became a volunteer with the Guardian Ad Litem program in Broward County. She represented the best interest of children. Strachan continued to represent those who could not afford an attorney through law school, and in fact, she graduated in 2000 with honors for pro bono legal work. She continues to do this today 20 years later.

“I have proven my commitment to serving this community. I am the only candidate with more than 20 years of volunteering experience. I was a child advocate as a Guardian Ad Litem volunteer, and I also trained hundreds of citizens in this county to be child advocates. I continue to give back by participating in a community redress workshop sponsored by the George Edgecomb Bar Association, as well as being involved in local ministries,” explained Strachan.

Strachan is a solo practitioner in Tampa. The focus of her practice is primarily family law, probate, guardianship and general civil litigation. Strachan has one child, Kayla, and two grandchildren, Jerome and Royal.

What sets Strachan apart from her opponents? “In addition to my years of experience as a lawyer, and my many years of giving back to this community, I have the temperament necessary to be a successful judge. Treating everyone with dignity and respect, even when they are not being respectable, is a virtue I possess,” said Strachan.

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