Cardinal Roofing shows its gratitude for military veteran Thomas Boone for his service by repairing his leaky roof.

Riverview resident, Thomas Boone, had a leaky roof. In the past, he would have grabbed his ladder, climbed to the roof and fixed it himself. But as a 91 year-old Korean War Veteran, climbing a ladder to fix a leak didn’t seem like the easiest of tasks. According to friends and family, Boone is not one who likes to ask for help.

That’s when neighbors and family of Boone decided to reach out to Homes For Heroes (HOH).

HOH is national program designed to save military, first responders, medical professionals and educators money when buying or selling their home. They also donate proceeds to local heroes in need.

Dan Ruszowski, a sales consultant for Cardinal Roofing was contacted by HOH to see if they could offer assistance to the local war veteran. After hearing his story, Ruszowski met with Boone, assessed his roof and assured him that Cardinal Roofing was able to repair the minor leak.

Cardinal Roofing is a proud supporter of other local veteran programs such as Honor Flight in Tampa and Flight of Honor in Lakeland. But according to owner Roger Jenkins and his daughter Bridget Wilson, this request was something they wanted to consider.

“Dan was really the guy who made this happened, he was the one willing to do the work. He has a big heart for this, the credit goes to him,” said Wilson.

Ruszowski met Boone outside of s home, shook his hand. Cardinal Roofing went to work, fixed the leak just in time for the next summer storm. No need for the spry 91-year old to climb any ladders.

“That generation doesn’t like to ask for help, but I’m sure glad I was able to,” said Ruszowski
For more information about Homes for Heroes, visit

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