The Bodaciously Awesome Family, Adam, Anthony and Zachary featuring their guest star, Mom.

For anyone looking for family vacation ideas, something to do with your kids or just something fun and family-friendly to listen to, you have come to the right spot. The DiMuzio family, from FishHawk, is a fun and active family that creates their own ‘Bodaciously Awesome’ podcast every week.

Named ‘The Bodaciously Awesome Family Show,’ Adam, Anthony (age 11) and Zachary (age 6) share their family experiences, whether they are here at home or traveling around the states.

Adam came up with the idea to document the experiences with his two sons last summer while in Alaska and the first podcast officially released in October 2017.

“We just started the show because I was seeing all the things we do as a family and it was actually a new way to add an element to something we did together and help them (the kids) remember it,” Adam said. “A new way to how we can capture their voices, their personalities, and in places of life.”

Anthony described the podcasts as a ‘time capsule’ for the family.

Each podcast is about an activity they have done or place they have visited as a family, with Mom making a frequent guest appearance in many of the shows. Families can listen to these podcasts together for some laughs or for ideas of places to visit on family trips. Each podcast has something unique and entertaining about it, from Zachary losing a tooth in the middle of a show to the whole family trying odd foods from Epcot.

Adam said the way the family has so many experiences in all these places is simply by “maximizing what you do.”

The Bodaciously Awesome Family Show has nearly 6,000 downloads with an audience from near and far. Listeners can find the show on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play Music, Spotify and the Geek Dad Blog.

New podcasts are released weekly with a different and fun topic for each one. The Bodaciously Awesome Family Show can also be found on Facebook by searching Bodaciously Awesome Family Show or on Twitter at @BodaciousFamily.

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