It’s that time of year again when parents are out buying back-to-school supplies, backpacks, lunch boxes and clothes for the new school year. This time can be overwhelming for kids of all ages, particularly if they are more nervous than excited about the new school year.
For younger kids who are going to school for the first time, it is about learning how to make friends and navigating new rules and expectations. For older kids who have school experience, it’s about trying to fit in with the increasing pressure of academics and social issues. Whether you’re dealing with the first day of school blues or it’s “just” another year, God has a plan for your school year. It doesn’t matter what grade you’re in–God’s got you covered year-round.

How to Stay Christian in High School
By: Steve Gerali

Peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, sexual temptation, academic honesty—it isn’t easy being a Christian in high school. How can teens deal with complex issues without compromising their faith? Drawing on stories of biblical young people like Daniel, Mary and Timothy, this book discusses how to meet these challenges by following Christ and how it pays off in the end.

The Christian Mama’s Guide to the Grade School Years
By: Erin MacPherson

As moms prepare to send their children off to school for the first time, this helpful guide provides practical tips for Christian mothers handling this new adventure. Everything from choosing a school and dealing with teachers to developing character in your kids is included, along with scriptures and prayers.

My Faith: Middle School Survival Series
By: Mark Oestreicher, Kurt Johnson

Life can be hard—especially when you’re in middle school. It can be difficult to understand what your faith is all about and keep it strong when you face the trials and temptations that come along with being a teenager. This book gives teen tips and secrets needed to grasp their faith and keep hold of it.

Going Public: Your Child Can Thrive in Public School
By: David and Kelli Pritchard, Dean Merrill

Public, private and homeschool are all tough choices that Christian parents make for their child’s education. Help your kids thrive in any of these learning environments. As it examines public school positives, this well-balanced resource reveals what Scripture says about education as well as the spiritual importance of parental involvement in a child’s education.

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