Debbie Katt is running for Florida House District 57. Katt will be on the ballot this November for the General Election.

Debbie Katt, a Democratic candidate and long time resident of Valrico (Bloomingdale), is running for a seat in Florida House District 57. Katt does not have an opponent in the Primary Election, so she will be on the ballot for the General Election on Tuesday, November 6.

Katt, a software engineer and analytical consultant for SAS for 19 years, had long thought of running. She was concerned that her job would be in jeopardy if she had to take time off when the legislature is in session. “I got mad and wondered who represents working men and women like me,” said Katt.

The tipping point that caused Katt to decide to run came in February when the majority in the legislature blocked HB 219 (a bill to ban assault rifles) from being debated. “The Parkland High School shooting had just happened. With students looking on, the majority would not even allow this bill to come to the floor for debate,” said Katt.

“I decided right then and there that these students and my daughter deserve better,” explained Katt. “I am fighting for reasonable solutions such as fully funding our public education system, affordable health care and housing, enact reasonable gun safety laws, funding for the arts and culture and environmental issues. These are not partisan issues but the legislature is failing to do its job,” said Katt.

Katt is a mathematician. She solves problems for a living. “I understand big systems with complicated interactions and complex downstream implications,” said Katt. “We need to fully fund public education. We have $2.8 million in unfounded mandates. How are school districts supposed to pay for these mandates? Things do not add up, and that is why I am running,” said Katt.

“My mission statement is to promote, improve and deliver fairness and excellence in service to the people of my district and throughout the State of Florida,” explained Katt. “I am running for Florida House District 57 in the General Election in Nivenber because I believe it is my civic duty,” said Katt.

Katt has been married to Michael for 15 years and they have one daughter, Sara, who attends the local public school. Katt received her BS degree from Texas A&M and her Master’s degree from North Carolina State. Katt is a singer with the Master Chorale.
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