Mike Beltan, a conservative Republican, shown here with his wife, Hope, and two sons, Michael (three years old) and Ross (four months old), is running for Florida State House District 57 this November in the General Election.

Mike Beltran, a resident of Lithia, is a candidate for State House District 57. Beltran is a conservative Republican who wants to bring common sense solutions to the Florida Legislature. He would like your vote on Tuesday, November 6.

Beltran is a graduate of Harvard Law School. He is an attorney with Beltran Litigation, P.A. Prior to practicing law, he served as Law Clerk for a Federal Judge.
Beltran was appointed by Governor Rick Scott to serve on the Judicial Nominating Commission (JNC) for the Thirteenth Judicial Circuit (Hillsborough Count). The JNC vets and nominates candidates to fill judicial vacancies.

Beltran has been involved in politics for 20 years. “I looked at this race and thought that I was the best qualified candidate. I have experience as a business owner running my own law practice, and I have studied the Constitution,” said Beltran.

Beltran also serves on his local HOA and was involved in student government while at Harvard Law School. Beltran said, “I understand the law and know how to handle big budgets. This is essentially what the Legislature does- pass laws and manage budgets.”

Beltran believes in limited government and low taxes and regulations. “We need to prioritize what government does. The government should be providing services such as funding for schools. The government should maintain and improve roads, and the government should provide funding for public safety such as fire and police,” explained Beltran.

If elected, he will work to ensure that more money is spent in the classrooms. “We should reduce waste and spend more money on teachers, supplies and technology to make sure that students can learn,” explained Beltran.

“We need to improve our roads. I will work with local leaders to identify and prioritize projects and request proper funding for projects such as road widening from the Legislature,” added Beltran.

Beltran is married to Hope. They have two sons, Michael who is three years old and Ross who is four months old. Beltran grew up in New York and was an Eagle Scout.

For more information on Beltran, please visit www.electmikebeltran.com.

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