Local Author’s Excited For Book Launch

FishHawk resident Octoryia Robinson has dedicated her life and purpose to the completion of her first published book, Unraveled Potential. Anyone that knows Robinson appreciates that this is no ordinary book launch. Robinson hopes this will unleash an Unraveled Movement to all those seeking their life’s purpose.

Unraveled Potential brings wisdom, inspirations and passion that speaks directly to the reader, encouraging people to transition out of the past and experience their full, unraveled potential.

“My heart burns to launch people into their purpose,” said Robinson. “For over eight years I struggled to find the confidence to share the message of my heart in writing. I felt inadequate and unworthy to speak until I achieved specific things.”

But, in February of 2018, God spoke directly to Robinson’s heart, and the experience compelled her to begin following her dream.

“Despite the absence of perfection, I had a purpose through writing and speaking,”
said Robinson. “So I sold everything I could, shut my business down for a season to give myself to this project. I literally sat at the feet of Jesus to write this book. It was painful and blissful.”

Robinson knows that many people often wait for a moment that never arrives, instead of seizing the moment right in front of them. She was inspired to title her book using
the word ‘unraveled’ because it perfectly describes the courage people need to have to take that next step toward their full potential. Unraveled means to free yourself from complication or difficulty, make plain or clear, or to solve.

“I wrote this book from a broken place for a powerful purpose inside of me, for a tribe of people burning to become unraveled,” said Robinson.

“There is no amount of pain that can keep you stuck. Trauma slows you down, but your choices stop you. My purpose is to release a generation into their potential.”

Robinson is currently serving as the pastor at Assimilation at The City of Restoration in Valrico. She is also available to speak at conferences, corporations and churches. For more information on booking Robinson to speak at an event, email PR@NVisionMarketinginc.com.

To purchase her book, Unraveled Potential, visit www.amazon.com or

For more information about book signings or additional details about Octoryia Robinson, follow her on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook
at @LaunchNowUs.

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