With the goal to reach every home in the Tampa Bay area, local church members from differing denominations are venturing into neighborhoods to distribute the Jesus Film DVD, a gospel tract and a letter with information about their church.

Churches from the counties of Hillsborough, Pinellas, Polk and Pasco have adopted zip codes in their area and will go door to door hanging these ‘saturation packs’ on the doorknob of about 900,000 residences.

Mike Kahn, Director of Missions, Tampa Bay Baptist Association said, “We are asking God to save tens of thousands of people who watch one of the 900,000 Jesus Film DVDs that believers will be distributing to residences throughout our region in the next few months.”  

Saturate Tampa Bay is an extension of the evangelistic outreach, Saturate USA, which is dedicated to reaching 60 million homes in the United States by 2020. The notion of the effort is to spread the love of God, grow the church and meet new neighbors.

Saturate Tampa Bay is one of those rare opportunities where we can partner with like-minded churches and make a concentrated impact in neighborhoods throughout Tampa Bay in a relatively short period of time,” said Dr. Stephen Rummage, senior pastor of Bell Shoals Baptist Church in Brandon.

The timetable for the outreach is September through November. The church chooses a date that works best and assembles its team. The ‘saturation’ material is free due to a generous donor, and a team of 25 people can deliver about 5,000 packs in four hours.

Dr. Rummage continued, “The gospel message applies to everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity, income or education level. Saturate Tampa Bay will allow us to put hands and feet to that truth.”

To find out more information or to sign up, visit www.saturatetampabay.org. Also, visit online to see a map of the areas in need of adoption. More detail about the Jesus Film can be found at www.jesusfilmhd.com.

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Amanda Boston is the Christian Voice Editor for the Osprey Observer. She is a graduate of Bible Training for Church Leaders (BTCL), who enjoys sharing how God is working in and through the community. Amanda resides in FishHawk with her husband and two children.