Local artist, Shawn Rainey and his wife Paula, are the owners of Brushstrokes, which is an art party that comes to you. Party costs are $30 per participant and $25 for 10 or more participants.

Artist Pablo Picasso once said, “Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.” Local artist, Shawn Rainey and Pablo Picasso could be kindred spirits because he too feels art is another way of keeping a diary. “Art gave me the freedom to express my feelings and it became my diary in color,” Rainey said. “I began to paint and quickly learned that I was able to put my emotions into creating art and achieve complete happiness in the creation process.”

Rainey found art when he was 10-years-old and it became his friend for life. “I had an intense imagination and loved to create,” Rainey said. “I started drawing comic and cartoon characters then got into graffiti as a teen.” After high school, he attended The Center for The Media Arts and studied advertising art and computer graphics but he didn’t pursue a career in this field. “I found that physically using my hands to create art was my true calling.”

Rainey and his wife, Paula came up with an idea for their daughters’ birthday party. “Both of our girls are very artistic and creative so they wanted something completely different than the usual birthday party themes that are out there,” Rainey said. “So, we decided throw them a painting party and it was a huge success. Many of the people who attended the party suggested that the painting parties would be a great business idea so that is how Brushstrokes was born.”
Other similar businesses are tethered to a specific location, but this is different because they come to your event and provide artistic inspiration catered to each individual party. “Whether it be a birthday party or any other special occasion, we provide an inspiring a unique artistic experience for each celebration,” Rainey said. “Party costs are $30 per participant and $25 for 10 or more participants. The honored guest is always free and each participant gets to take home their unique art piece on canvas, a personalized apron and the experience of an awesome guided art session.”

Rainey’s ultimate goal is to introduce and inspire art expression to children at a young age. “We envision this as a business focused on philanthropy where we would eventually have the freedom of traveling to places throughout the world where children have never experienced or even created art and providing them an inspirational experience and eventually maybe even establishing art programs of their own for these children, as well,” Rainey said. “I am currently completing a certification to become an art therapy life coach to add to my tools and experience so, that Brushstrokes can provide its participants with the best artistic inspiration possible.”

If you would like to learn more about Shawn Rainey or if you’d like to book a party with Brushstrokes, you can visit Rainey’s Facebook page by searching Shawn Rainey- FABSTRAQ SOCIETY or call Rainey at 506-4866.

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