Mark Cummerow is the owner of Seville Cleaners and he is proud of the $2.75 per item concept of his dry cleaning business.

Dealing with your dry cleaning is never a fun chore, especially when the cleaning service fails to put the customer first. It is often that most dry cleaners put their focus on themselves and place the customer on the back burner. If you are tired of paying more for less service, it is time to switch to Seville Cleaners located in Brandon and Valrico.
Opening its first location in the Brandon/Valrico area in 2007, the mission of Seville Cleaners has always been to provide the quality and service their customers deserve at an affordable price.

When you walk into Seville Cleaners, it is highly likely that you will see owner Mark Cummerow behind the counter. Cummerow has been a constant presence ever since he took the mantle of owner and operator in early 2009. Not only can he be seen greeting his customers and taking their orders in with a smile, he also enjoys doing the dry cleaning himself. When it came to running his own business, it is the idea of being his own boss that pushed him to take on the challenge. “It’s a thrill to work for myself and not someone else,” he happily admits.

While Seville Cleaners uses the same equipment as the leading establishments, Cummerow sees a large difference between his dry-cleaning service and others. “It’s our value,” Cummerow explains, “We clean at a better price and deliver the same quality.” The low price that is offered is $2.75, a value that stays consistent no matter the style of the garment you may bring in.

The staff at Seville is aware that your time cannot afford to be wasted and they are prepared to have your order done the same day as long as it is dropped off by 9 a.m. “It’s our value and customer service.” Cummerow iterates, “That’s why I think people should come to us.”

If you want to experience this exceptional customer service first hand, visit Seville Cleaners at 3237 Lithia Pinecrest Rd. in Valrico. To learn more about Seville Cleaners, and its owner Mark Cummerow, visit

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