Steve Holland and Ken Anderson (both on the right) alongside the European automotive recyclers in front of Brandon Auto Salvage.

Seventeen European vehicular recyclers of the ARA (Automotive Recyclers Association) visited Brandon Auto Salvage to learn more about how US automotive recycling facilities operate. The goal was to learn ways to improve and add to their own companies.

The Brandon Auto Salvage tour was led by Steve Holland and Ken Anderson, owners since 1971. They gave the visitors a thorough look into how the company works and offered detailed information about the processes of its salvaging at the five-acre facility. The company presents a smooth-running operation with a massive supply of well-organized parts and vehicles waiting to be recycled for useful components.

Brandon Auto Salvage provides many services. It has a large inventory of used car parts for foreign and domestic late model vehicles of many types and brands, and it salvages all kinds of important parts from vehicles.

The company also provides body shop repairs through used, new or rebuilt parts with acceptance of insurance claims and an offer of a lifetime warranty on services; a mechanic shop for savings on auto repairs for vehicles; and it will purchase wrecked, salvaged, junked and used automotives.

Salvaging automotives is a great service for customers as well as the environment. “Not only can we save you money, keep your car going at a reasonable price, you can save the environment,” said Jr. Wilkerson, a manager of Brandon Auto Salvage.

Rather than purchasing new vehicles or parts, or abandoning unwanted or wrecked vehicles, customers can recycle through using salvaged resources.

“Brandon is amongst the best facilities we visited. They are very customer-focused and organized. I visited them several years back and they have continued to improve their business both environmentally and meeting the changing needs of customers as cars have developed,” said Terry Charlton, visiting from Cambridge, United Kingdom, and the managing director of Charlton Recycled Autoparts Ltd.

Brandon Auto Salvage is located at 3159 E. SR 60 in Valrico, visit or call 689-8131.

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