The Osprey Observer group successfully escaped the Green Room after working together to overcome its many obstacles.

Traditionally, escape rooms are set in the location of a company’s choosing, but Puzzle Room Escape is unique in giving customers the choice of location. Whether it is at a home, offices, parks, schools, churches, or yachts, Puzzle Room brings fun and challenging adventures to you.

“To escape, players need to figure out how to solve puzzles, challenges and brain teasers with limited clues supplied. It takes a team effort and multiple skills to be successful,” said Steve Kallens, the owner of Puzzle Room Escape.

The mobile company offers music, costumes, special effects and unusual devices to create ambience. It can also augment the theme for different events.

Puzzle Room will provide several themes, such as the Green Room, where music stars hang out before performing onstage. Beginning in December, you can work to escape Hurricane Beach House before a hurricane makes landfall. This house is haunted by its original owner, who was lost in an 1869 hurricane. Holiday themes such as Halloween and Christmas are available at request, as are kids’ themes like Legos, TV shows and superheroes.

Puzzle Room is great for corporate team-building. The escape room also allows employers to learn which players are leaders, followers, consensus builders and other personalities. Employers can assess employees’ problem-solving skills and cooperativeness.

Games can last between 30 and 90 minutes, with more time given as needed unless another group is waiting to play. A set number of clues are offered to help solve puzzles. Additional clues cause a penalty on a group’s final time. Generally, rooms can hold up to 12 players.

Escape rooms are available to those 11 and older and for kids aged 7 to 10. The games are accessible to handicapped players, but Puzzle Room must be told about players’ limitations ahead of time. In November, Puzzle Room will host a charity event for teen burn survivors.

“Being a mobile game, we don’t have the big wow factor as some rooms have, but we make up for it with our unique high-tech devices,” said technical director Leroy Lee, who creates much of Puzzle Room’s gadgets. “In fact, we have found that once players get into a game, the so-called over the top design of some rooms means very little compared to the excitement of figuring out the cool devices to help with their escape.”

To schedule an escape room, call 754-252-3477. For more information, email or visit

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