A great holiday gift idea for family and friends in the Valrico area is the new game, Valrico-Opoly. Enjoy a family-friendly familiar game with a local twist. It is exclusively available at the Bloomingdale Walmart.

Valrico-opoly is a brand new game put out by Late For The Sky, and it is arriving just in time for the holiday season. It will make the per-fect gift for friends and family who vacation or live in the Valrico area. All spaces on the board are places that you have visited, and things that you know and love. The game is exclusively available for $19.98 at the Bloomingdale Walmart, located at 2140 Bloomingdale Ave. in Valrico. Stop by and pick up your copy today.

While it is impossible to include everything, as you play the Valrico version of the Monopoly game, you will find many local places throughout Valrico tucked away in the box.

On your trip around the Valrico-Opoly board, you may find yourself hungry when stopping on The Landing Bar & Grill, The New York Diner or La Villa Mexican Grill spaces. You may find yourself at T Marie’s Sunday Market and Topper’s Creamery. You might even learn about some businesses you are not familiar with or local non-profits such as the Florida Big Dog Rescue. It is full of family fun, and there is a little something for every Valrico resident.

Buy your favorite Valrico properties and increase your rent by collecting city blocks and trading them in for keys to the city.
Sound easy? Well, add in some traffic jams, property tax and parking fines and it gets a little more difficult and a lot more fun.

So choose your favorite token and advance to GO VALRICO! You may soon be the Mayor… or out of the game for drinking too much coffee at The New York Diner. This is Valrico and it is your roll.

According to Jessica Staub, Office Administrator from Late ForThe Sky, “We have an experienced research team that reviews each city, and uses online reviews, visitor’s guides, chambers of commerce sites, and local blogs to create a list of places that locals (and visitors) know and love. We are also constantly working on new titles, and have more planned for Florida, so stay tuned.”
For more information on Late For The Sky, visit www.lateforthesky.com.

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