The holidays are here and that means you are busy cooking food, gathering with your family, and getting your house decorated, for many people that also means traveling.

So much preparation and traveling mean many people are going to need a safe place to house their feline family members. That is where A Country Cat House comes in.

“[It started with] our love for our cats. We wanted a nice place for our cats to stay while we were on vacation and we didn’t want someone coming into our house for fifteen minutes and then run out the door a few times a week,” said co-owner Eileen Dalton.

She and her husband, Scott Dalton, have owned the business for almost 27 years. Located in Riverview, this business specializes in one thing–housing cats.

The Daltons live on the same property where the cats are housed and the business is also open 24 hours a day, seven days a week and holidays.

“We have 15 acres of land and every cat has a view from their kennels,” said Eileen. “I make sure everyone who works for us knows they will work on Christmas and on Thanksgiving.”

The business offers grooming services where the Daltons themselves do the grooming. The Daltons are also trained to administer basic medications such as eye drops and ear drops. They both went through the American Kennel Association–now the American Kennel Club–training and training in Colorado.

If there is one thing the Daltons feel sets them apart is that they call their business a luxury hotel that just happens to be for cats. Every cat is housed in a kennel with a floor-to-ceiling window to view the outside. They get individual playtime with the employees and toys. For those cats that watch television, they have access to flat screen televisions. There are aquariums for the cats to look at and each unit is either one, two or three levels.

And, since these are the holidays, the cats enjoy butterball turkey along with their regular food–provided their diet allows them to eat turkey. And for Christmas the real party begins. The cats get a special visit from Kitty Clause and they each get a special present of Doctor Daniel catnip mice.

A Country Cat House is located at 15501 Boyette Rd. in Riverview. Call 654-2287 or email for more information. Visit

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