More than 100 pastors from Central Florida gathered at the White House to meet with Vice President Mike Pence and numerous agency faith directors.

More than 100 Central Florida pastors were privileged on Tuesday, October 9 to attend a White House briefing with U. S. Vice President Mike Pence and other governmental agency faith directors.

On relatively short notice, area church leaders and All-Pro Pastors Founder Paul Pickern were asked to invite others to attend the informational session in Washington, D.C.

Of the three-hour gathering, Pastor Pickern shared, “We were there to learn how our current government has appointed Agency Faith Directors in the various departments. Eight different representatives shared how their department functions, provided contact information and remained afterward to answer questions. We sensed this administration is all-in to help the Church fulfill its responsibility to care for widows, orphans and those in need.”

Pastor Greg Dumas of The Crossing Church enjoyed seeing “the collective number of pastors and churches represented in one place and the good relationships formed or By Cheryl Johnston More Than 100 Area Pastors Join Vice President Mike Pence At The White House rekindled,” as well as “so many Bible-believing Christians in and around the White House.”

Pastor Dumas explained, “They were actively seeking engagement from pastors, churches and the entire faith-based community. I was reminded how influential and powerful the Church in America, and those who represent Christ, really are.” He added, “I was also struck by this administration’s efforts to both preserve and defend our religious liberties.”

Pastor Kevin Wynne of First Baptist Church of Durant, a former U.S. Marine, shared, “Every speaker spoke about how essential the Church body is in the recovery. They clearly know and understand 2 Chronicles 7:14 verbatim, as it was stated several times during the gathering. One speaker emphasized that churches can boldly exercise their faith and share the salvation message of Jesus Christ without feeling ‘political correctness’ pressure. With leaders from several denominations in attendance, we felt completely unified as one body while our government took this step in seeking fervent prayer for God to heal America.”

Pierre Chestang, Pastor of The Bridge Worship Community in Brandon, said, “Vice President Pence, in his own special way, as did several others, explained many good things are happening in the current administration, especially in connection with religious freedom, so churches have opportunities to help more people.

The intent is to open up the various avenues through which the church and government can work together.”

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