Each day of the reviveFLORIDA event, the participating churches gathered at The Crossing Church before heading out to share Jesus on the streets.

The reviveFLORIDA multi-church event lasted seven days with participating churches taking Christ to the streets of Hillsborough County.

Ryan Schrag, Chairman of reviveFLORIDA, described the event, “In seven days of hitting the streets and sharing the gospel, we saw 36 churches partner together. We saw 504 teams go out and hit the streets, consisting of just over 2,000 people.”

The Crossing Church Tampa campus served as the primary hub each morning for prayer, training and logistics. Thirty-five other area churches participated in all aspects of the event with many hosting daily lunches, providing transportation, participating in the nightly worship, or staffing child care and clean up.

Crossing member Wade Snyder took military leave the entire week to participate, volunteering as a team leader. Wade and wife Heather both volunteered each day.

Snyder said, “We would approach people and explain; ‘We’re just out praying for people in the area. How can we pray for you?’ Those who showed interest, we would engage further and discuss the Bible using a specially designed corresponding color-coded band and Bible, which we then gave to the person as a gift.”

Snyder continued, “This was the Church with a capital ‘C.’ Different denominations and names all doing ministry together. We would take groups out each morning first, to visit area churches and encourage and minister to local pastors; praying for them and building up the Body of Christ. In the afternoons, the teams went to one of seven sectors of Hillsborough County, hitting the streets to share Christ.”

Pastor Michael Pippin from The Crossing’s Tampa Campus recognized the commitment of Senior Pastor Greg Dumas, who had been meeting and planning with other churches since 2017 for the reviveFLORIDA event.

Pastor Pippin commented, “I love that he [Pastor Dumas] put teeth to the talk, and actually put money and resources and meeting with other churches in the region to make this happen.”

When the weeklong event concluded, a total of 99 people made a personal decision to receive Christ as Savior.

Further details on Time To Revive can be found at www.timetorevive.com. For more information about The Crossing Church, visit www.wearecrossing.com.

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