Changes at Superior Residences of Brandon Memory Care will make the lives of older adults experiencing memory loss easier and more enriching.

Superior Residences of Brandon Memory Care and its senior residents can look forward to living enhancements in the near future thanks to SRI Management, LLC and changes in ownership. With H-Bay Ministries, Inc., a Texas-based nonprofit organization, having taken over Super Residences of Brandon Memory Care in late June of 2018, it was decided that SRI Management would operate it and continue being its management firm, a decision that is already showing much promise.

There are no changes in its overall policies with H-Bay Ministries’ new ownership since SRI Management continues managing, said Jill Andrew, Senior Sales and Marketing Director of Superior Residences of Brandon Memory Care. “But H-Bay Ministries has now enabled us to become a not-for-profit community,” she added. As Superior Residences is now a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with this new relationship, the facility has been able to make marked improvements for seniors’ living experiences. “We’re in the process of infusing capital dollars into the property as a result of the sale,” Andrew said.

SRI Management seeks to do more than just managing senior housing organizations. Rather than simply providing assisted living, SRI instead wants to make true communities for residents where it can enrich their lives. Several improvements have already been made.

The purchase of a new program called It’s Never 2 Late ® (iN2L)—a system designed to assist older adults in the use of technology to enhance quality of life through picture-based, touchscreen interfaces—has allowed further aid in senior living.

The iN2L program helps residents participate more easily in multiple areas, such as sports, physical fitness, games and puzzles, music therapy and many others. Even residents further along in health debilitation can interact with iN2L.

Superior Residences has also purchased 18 drums from Drum Magic for drum circles, increased the amount of staff members and it is making structural improvements such as new flooring, furniture, landscaping and upgrades to common areas. Now it even has four certified dementia practitioners, which is unheard of for one building.

“By being a not-for-profit now, it has enabled us to better service those that may be challenged financially,” said Andrew. “We’re for a broader population now.”

Superior Residences of Brandon Memory Care can be found at 1819 Providence Ridge Blvd. For information, call 308-0659 or visit

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