Carol Gill is comprised of independent executive coaches and management consultants from around the country and is dedicated to helping clients improve bottom line results through people.

Carole Gill had a front row seat to view the ups and downs that take place in organizations. Gill, originally from Pennsylvania, moved to Florida more than 38 years ago to settle in and raise her two sons. At the time, she was employed by GTE, working in human resources. Although she gained extensive experience in team building, project management and workplace dynamics skillsets, she ultimately came to a crossroads.

“There was a lot of shifting in the telecommunications industry in the 80s and 90s,” said Gill. “When my position was eliminated, I wanted to follow my passion to help other businesses. That journey really got me to where I am today.”

When she left GTE due to downsizing, she decided to launch her own consulting firm, Carole Gill, and has not looked back since.

Carole Gill works with organizations of all sizes to help facilitate success by creating trust and support in the workplace. Gill personally coaches and counsels on all levels to ensure that her clients are guided through problem-solving in order to achieve success.

“I love to help people create an environment to be effective leaders and organizations, “ said Gill. “My purpose is to encourage, inspire and empower people to be the best they can be.”

Whether you are a small local business, midsize organization or a Fortune 500 company, Gill uses proven tools to increase effectiveness and create a shift in culture within an organization.

“Teams of people need to trust each other in order to be successful,” said Gill. “We help people to see how much more effective they can be when they are all committed to the same results and support each other’s decisions.”

Gill also explains that successful companies often have a high emotional intelligence factor. Her company focuses on leveraging emotional intelligence to help people improve their communication within the organization from all levels, even starting with the CEO.

“We listen, suggest guidelines to be put in place, lead people through problem solving and put together action plans,” said Gill. And, Gill sees results through her many success stories of satisfied clients.

In addition to helping organizations improve their communication, trust and effectiveness, Gill is also part of the National Speakers Association and volunteers her time every year with Leadership Brandon.

For information on Carole Gill, visit, email or call 802-8376.

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